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Prince Jardinier (12 pieces)

Prince Jardinier (12 pieces)

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The rose 'Prince Jardinier' is an ode to the romance and refined elegance of the French aristocracy, named after Prince Louis Albert de Broglie, also known as Le Prince Jardinier (The Gardening Prince). This rose embodies the prince's passion and love for gardening, with a particular emphasis on the beauty and fragrance that a garden can provide.

With its very light pink hues and the ability to open into an almost saucer-shaped bloom, 'Prince Jardinier' offers a breathtaking spectacle. The flowers are strikingly open, with soft and swirling petals that open wide enough to expose the central pollen, adding to its unique charm.

The large-flowered Rosa 'Prince Jardinier' is characterized by the swirled velvet petal structure that is so typical of garden roses. This structure, combined with its particularly romantic appearance, makes it a favorite among rose lovers who are looking for something truly special for their garden.

Prince Jardinier Rose as Cut Flower: This rose is not just a visual masterpiece; its scent is equally enchanting and enhances the romantic atmosphere in any garden or outdoor space. Whether planted as a solitary or as part of a mixed border, 'Prince Jardinier' will undoubtedly add a touch of aristocratic elegance and romance. Her flowers are perfect for cutting and placing in a vase, where they enrich any room with their fantastic scent.

Belle Epoque roses are not just intended for the garden; Thanks to our collaboration with Tambuzi in Kenya , we also offer a wide range of cut roses. Tambuzi is Climate Neutral and B Corp certified, meaning they meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance, responsibility and transparency. In addition to the beauty in your garden, you can also enjoy our roses indoors, even in winter.

Thanks to cultivation in both the Netherlands and Kenya, we offer fresh roses all year round. Our roses come directly from the nursery, which ensures top quality and vitality. Let the elegant Prince Jardinier rose illuminate your home with its beautiful flowers and enchanting scent, just as you would pick them from the garden yourself.

At Belle Epoque we understand the value of unique, high-quality roses. The rose 'Prince Jardinier' is a perfect example of our passion for roses and our commitment to excellence. Add a touch of pure elegance to your home with this breathtaking, fragrant floribunda rose.

Flowering time

  • 4-7 days


Prince Jardinier (12 pieces)

Flower shape



Care Instructions

Cut diagonally, Clean water,


Products are shipped directly from the nursery every week on Wednesdays. By delivering only once a week, we reduce logistics emissions and optimize our processes. This benefits both the quality of our products and the climate.

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