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White O Hara (12 pieces)

White O Hara (12 pieces)

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The cut rose 'White O'Hara' is a symbol of pure elegance and refined beauty. Carefully cultivated by Belle Epoque, this beautiful rose is prized for its large, luscious blooms and enchanting scent. The White O'Hara rose offers a timeless appearance with its pure, white petals.

Characteristics of the White O'Hara Cut Rose: The White O'Hara rose has a beautiful, pure white color and large flower heads that provide a visual spectacle. The flowers have a classic, romantic look with their densely filled petals that form a perfect rosette. This rose combines visual splendor with a wonderful, soft scent that immediately fills any room and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.

White O'Hara Rose as Cut Flower: The White O'Hara rose is an excellent choice as a cut rose. Her sturdy stems and long-lasting flowering make her perfect for bouquets and flower arrangements. Enjoy the enchanting scent and elegant appearance of this rose in your home. Live the unique experience of roses opening, smelling and even the charming process of their transience.

Thanks to our collaboration with Tambuzi in Kenya , we can offer a wide range of cut roses. Tambuzi is Climate Neutral and B Corp certified, meaning they meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance, responsibility and transparency. This means that in addition to the beauty in your garden, you can also enjoy our roses indoors, even in winter. In the summer, from May to October, our roses are delivered directly from our own cultivation in Aalsmeer.

Thanks to cultivation in both the Netherlands and Kenya, we offer fresh roses all year round. Our roses come directly from the nursery, which ensures top quality and vitality. Let the elegant White O'Hara rose illuminate your home with its beautiful flowers and enchanting scent, just as you would pick them from the garden yourself.

At Belle Epoque we understand the value of unique, high-quality roses. The White O'Hara rose is a perfect example of our passion for roses and our commitment to excellence. Add a touch of pure elegance to your home with this breathtaking, fragrant rose.

Flowering time

  • 4-7 days


White O Hara (12 pieces)

Flower shape



Care Instructions

Cut diagonally, Clean water,


Products are shipped directly from the nursery every week on Wednesdays. By delivering only once a week, we reduce logistics emissions and optimize our processes. This benefits both the quality of our products and the climate.

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