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Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell

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Vanessa Bell's charm starts with her buds, which are very light pink and round. The mature flower has shades of yellow - the richer colored central eye is surrounded by petals that blanch to creamy white, giving the flower a beautiful radiant appearance. The shape is round and full with generous large petals. The flowers grow in clusters and seem to be ever present all summer into autumn. Vanessa Bell has fantastic growth, keeps herself upright at all times. Her scent is a bit lemony, just like her color, with a hint of green tea and honey. Delicious.

Vanessa Bell's soft yellow color scheme matches almost any other scheme in the garden, from pastel shades to vibrant primary colours. Whether your garden is an unruly bohemian affair or a concise and orderly place, Vanessa Bell will shine. Focus on the fact that her rounded bushiness and shyness of flowers mean you can use Vanessa Bell as a beautiful hedge - making a change from all our other hedge plants. Plant Vanessa Bell with the deep yellow Charlotte to bring out her golden highlights or introduce her to Winchester Cathedral, whose pure white flowers would also emphasize her subtle color.


Vanessa Bell


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