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Discover the Magic of Rambler Roses at Belle Epoque

The Unique World of Rambler Roses

Rambler roses, with their fast growth and charming, often unfilled flowers, are a fairytale addition to any garden. These roses climb effortlessly into tall trees, shrubs and can even cover entire facades, creating a Sleeping Beauty castle effect. Discover our collection of ever-flowering rambler roses and English roses , all fresh from our rose nursery .

How Do You Plant Rambler Roses?

Ramblers are the ideal choice for creating lush, green curtains along pergolas, rose arches, and even mature trees. They require a support structure to cling to, but their maintenance is surprisingly easy. Plant them in sunny to lightly shaded areas for best growth.

Care and Pruning of Rambler Roses

The blooming of rambler roses in late spring is a spectacle not to be missed, loved by bees and other pollinators. After flowering it is time for pruning, which helps keep the plant healthy and ready for the next season. Follow our guide to rambler rose pruning for best results.

Choose Your Perfect Rambler Rose

Whether you want to transform a carport, embellish a facade, or grow a pergola, rambler roses are your best friend. With their unparalleled growth and flowering vigor, they are a wonderful investment for any garden. Discover large-flowered scented climbing roses and more in our range.

Rambler Roses: A Natural Spectacle

Rambler roses, or wandering roses, are the ultimate choice for a dynamic and vibrant garden. With their long, winding branches and abundance of flowers, they create a breathtaking scene that returns every year. Choose your favorite from our carefully selected range and enjoy a garden full of life and color.