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Collection: Shrub and ground cover roses

In connection with the possible applications of these roses, we divide them into two groups, namely: the spreading ground cover roses, which form branches low to the ground and the upright shrub roses that grow into large shrubs after a few years. Annual pruning of these species can be omitted. If pruning is necessary, the tall upright varieties can be grown at ± 30 cm. and the creeping and low varieties at ± 15 cm. be pruned. Most varieties are good flowering and healthy. As already mentioned, many of these types are available in both seeded and root-fast quality. A number of varieties are also available in pots every year. The moschata hybrids are also classified in this group because of their applicability. This also applies to the park roses that originate from moschata, some of which are also included in this group. The Meidiland roses, of which several are mentioned in this group and in the next group, are landscape shrub roses, which are particularly striking because of their intensive and cheerful color. They are particularly suitable for solids, i.e. color sections, and are also available on their own root.