The story of Belle Epoque Rose Nurseries

More than a century ago, La Belle Époque was the period in which the love for roses grew to great heights. Now, a hundred years later, we let that love blossom again by showing you the way through the forest of all those beautiful species, to the most iconic roses that suit today's gardens.

Love for special types of roses

You can buy the most beautiful roses at the rose nursery. Our range consists of hundreds of varieties. Climbing roses and rose bushes from famous breeders such as the British David Austin, French Meilland and German Kordes. We offer a unique range of special types of roses. From rare species to exclusivity in the John Scarman collection. We only grow a few dozen roses of some types of roses per year.

Rose nursery

Our shrub and climbing roses are grown in the open ground. A rose is a two-year crop. The roses are harvested in October. From that moment on you can order it as bare root. Autumn is the best time to plant because the soil is still warm and the rose can still take root. But you can also plant later in the year, provided it does not freeze. In the spring the roses start to grow and are sold in pots with soil. You can plant potted roses all year round.

Buy roses at the nursery

The advantage of buying roses from a rose nursery is that you are assured of good quality, an extensive range and expert advice. We guarantee the authenticity of the rose. At Belle Epoque you can buy climbing roses and rose bushes directly from the nursery. In our work we respect the earth as much as possible.

Easily order roses, delivered to your home

On our website you will find our complete range of climbing roses and rose bushes. You can search by name or filter by characteristics such as color, scent, strength and height. Your order will be well packaged and delivered to your home. That's easy and safe.

We are happy to give you advice

Whether you are a seasoned rose lover or just want to get started with roses, we are happy to help you with advice. On our website you will find all information about planting, pruning and caring for roses. Can't find the answer to your question? Then you can always email us.

Here you can view Belle Epoque roses

Belle Epoque has specialized in special types of roses for more than 40 years. You will find our roses in gardens throughout Europe. We recommend that you take a look at the gardens of Museum van Loon in Amsterdam or Slot Zuylen.