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Margaret Merrill

Margaret Merrill

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"Enjoy the Margaret Merril rose, a white floribunda with a hint of pink and an irresistible scent, perfect for the vase, straight from Belle Epoque."

Product description:

Introduced by Harkness in 1977, the Margaret Merril rose is known for its refined beauty and exceptional fragrance. This beautiful floribunda, carefully cultivated by Belle Epoque, is a jewel in any garden with its pure white flowers that subtly transition into a soft pink heart.

Margaret Merril is distinguished not only by its aesthetic appeal, but also by its healthy, leathery leaves that provide a striking backdrop to the delicate blossoms. This rose is perfect for those who want to admire the beauty of roses both in the garden and indoors; her flowers are ideal for cutting and putting in the vase, where they enrich any room with their fantastic scent.

This floribunda blooms profusely from early summer to fall, filling your garden with color and fragrance season after season. Plant Margaret Merril in the sun for best results and enjoy the continuous flowering this rose provides. With a height of 60-80 cm, it is suitable for both borders and pots and attracts beneficial pollinators such as bees.

Delivered directly from our Belle Epoque rose nursery, the Margaret Merril rose guarantees top quality and vitality. Let this elegant floribunda illuminate your outdoor space with its beautiful flowers and enchanting scent.

At Belle Epoque we understand the value of unique, high-quality roses in your garden. The Margaret Merril rose is a perfect example of our passion for roses and our commitment to excellence. Add a touch of pure elegance to your garden with this breathtaking, fragrant floribunda rose.

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Margaret Merrill

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<p class="p1"><span class="s1">Caring for rose 'Königin von Dänemark' is not difficult, but the rose does require some time and attention on a regular basis. Roses need a lot of energy to grow well and sufficient water and nutrition helps with this. Also check regularly whether there are spent flower buds on the rose. To avoid wasting energy, it is best to remove these as quickly as possible. It is wise to fertilize the rose so that it can absorb good and healthy nutrition again. The advice is to do this twice a year; in March and the end of June.</span></p>


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