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Lady of Shalott

Lady of Shalott

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David Austin's roses are nothing if not reliable: his ability to grow roses that bloom all summer and fall is a legend, and he always manages to leverage this modern trait with the romance and beauty of old English roses. The Lady of Shalott rose evokes all that romance and beauty in a bush with petals of salmon pink at the top and golden yellow at the bottom, so you get this beautiful interplay between the colors that appear orange, gold or apricot depending on the light and where you condition and how well developed the rose is. The buds are orange and then develop into a rose that is cup-shaped with about sixty petals loosely arranged inside so that the flower has real depth. The leaves are medium green, very disease resistant and are reddish brown in color when young. It is a bushy plant with slightly arching stems and blooms reliably all summer into autumn. The scent is light notes of cloves and spiced apples


Lady of Shalott


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