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Dame Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench

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Released in 2017, the real Dame Judi Dench received this beautiful new apricot rose diva at the Chelsea Flower Show. Just like Dame Judi, this rose is extremely reliable and will deliver its flowers to perfection!
Rose 'Dame Judi Dench' is a particularly lush rose with a beautiful apricot color that fades towards the edge of the flower. Each flower consists of a mass of ruffled petals held in a rosette with a sweet little button eye in the center. The buds are red tipped and relatively small. Good green leaves have excellent resistance to diseases. The stems are elegantly curved, which favors the formation of more side shoots and therefore more flowers that bloom all summer and that stand out because they are not spoiled by rain. The scent is an achievement in itself - light tea perfume but with overtones of kiwi and cucumber. Over time the rose forms a mound of flowers as more stems are produced each year.
This is a rose to take center stage in your herbaceous border. David Austin's years of experience mean he simply wouldn't release a rose unless it was close to perfection and the Dame Judi Dench rose is a superstar. Like her national treasure's namesake, Dame Judi will fulfill any role - supporting other roses such as Buff Beauty or Lady Hillingdon, taking the lead against a neutral background or hedge, or, if plucked from obscurity for a vase, to overwhelm and amaze her audience.


Dame Judi Dench


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