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Belle Epoque organic rose fertilizer

Belle Epoque organic rose fertilizer

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Pamper your roses with the high-quality Belle Epoque organic rose fertilizer, an essential source of nutrition for lush and healthy growth. Each package contains 700 grams of this nutritious mix, specially formulated to enhance the beauty of your rose garden.

Use this rose fertilizer to nourish your roses during the growing season. Start spring pruning in March by sprinkling a handful of rose fertilizer around the root of each rose. Repeat this ritual after each flowering until September to promote continuous flowering and healthy growth.

Thanks to the organic composition of our rose fertilizer, enriched with essential nutrients, the soil structure is improved and the natural resistance of your roses to diseases and pests is strengthened. Enjoy beautiful, lush roses that will capture the admiration of every garden lover.

Invest in the health and beauty of your rose garden today with Belle Epoque organic rose fertilizer - the perfect choice for a blooming and lush rose garden.

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Belle Epoque organic rose fertilizer

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