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How do you choose a climbing rose?

Actually, the name climbing rose is incorrect. A climbing rose cannot climb at all. For that you have to guide him. For example, along a wooden rack or by stretching a wire. Choosing a climbing rose starts with the place you have in mind. The color is of course important. Choose a color that matches the background on which you want to plant the rose. Depending on the environment, you then select based on height and flowering period. Have you found the rose of your choice? Then you might want to know what the rose smells like. Especially if you plant the rose near a door, bench or terrace, the aroma of the rose can pleasantly enhance the atmosphere.All our climbing roses are delivered directly from the rose nursery. Still looking for bush roses, garden roses, rambler roses or English roses? We are happy to help you with the collection in question.

You can also plant climbing roses in the shade!

If you want to plant a climbing rose in front of your house and you don't have a front garden, you need to remove a few sidewalk tiles an easy solution. Some cities encourage the construction of facade gardens. Remember that the rose grows deep, so make sure there is a sufficiently deep hole with soil.

What types of climbing roses are there?

There are numerous types of climbing roses. The speed at which they grow varies enormously. But also the size, shape of the flower and the extent to which they smell. And there are climbing roses that bloom once a year, these are ramblers. Ramblers are fast growers that can sometimes grow up to eight meters tall. And there are varieties that continue to bloom until autumn. Continuous flowering roses are suitable for a summer full of splendor.

Buy climbing rose at Belle Epoque

For more than forty years, Belle Epoque has specialized in the most beautiful climbing roses. English roses from David Austin, but also many other European renowned brands such as the French Albéric Barbier and German Kordes.

What is the best climbing rose?

There are thousands of varieties of climbing roses. Large-flowered fragrant climbing roses are popular, but fast-growing and stronger rambler roses are also increasingly popular. Although the choice of rose is of course personal, there are types that are stronger than others. Examples of beautiful, strong climbing roses are New Dawn, Coral Dawn, Guirlande d' Amour, Alberic Barbier, Santana and Red Flame. Our experts are happy to help you make your choice.

Planting climbing roses. What's the best place?

Climbing roses come in many colors, scents and cover a wall, pergola or rose arch. They cannot climb themselves, so you have to give them a helping hand by guiding the rose and attaching it here and there, so you can let the climbing rose grow normally. Plant climbing roses in a sunny spot in nutritious soil. Planting climbing roses is not difficult and we are happy to give advice.

When is the best time to prune a climbing rose?

March is the time to prune ever-flowering climbing roses. Every few years, prune an old branch down to the ground. This creates new branches and prevents a rose from only blooming at the top. Once flowering climbing roses and ramblers are pruned back after flowering.

Caring for climbing roses is not difficult

Caring for climbing roses is not difficult, but it does require the necessary attention. For perfect care, we have created extensive instructions at which time of year you can provide which care. This ensures that you get beautiful colored and fragrant flowers.

Which climbing roses bloom the longest? Choose continuous flowering roses!

For climbing roses we make a distinction between continuously flowering roses, single flowering roses and roses that bloom repeatedly. Continuous flowering roses produce flowers all summer long, often well into autumn. The extent to which a climbing rose blooms depends not only on the choice of species, but also on the circumstances. Sun, nutrition, good soil and care have a major influence. Rambler roses are often thought to bloom only once per season, but this is not true. There are many varieties that produce a beautiful after-flowering and even types of ramblers that bloom throughout the season.

View our favorite ever-blooming roses.

Rambler roses bloom quickly and for a long time!

If you prefer a rambler rose, you can be sure that the roses will cover large surfaces quickly and well. The rose has enormous vigor and produces many new flowers that often bloom until autumn.

Red climbing roses or with other colored flowers

There are numerous varieties of climbing roses, red or with other colored flowers. Large-flowered, continuously flowering and fragrant and the fast-growing rambler roses. Well-known red climbing roses include Etoile d' Hollande, Santana and Red Flame. These are all strong red climbing roses. Red Flame owes its name to the red color of the leaves. Tip! Combine two red climbing roses, this gives a beautiful tone-on-tone effect and you will bloom more often. Our experts are happy to help you make the best choice.

Climbing roses come in numerous varieties and are easy to buy at Belle Epoque. 

A fast-growing climbing rose is very suitable for covering a wall, fence, rose arch or pergola. Belle Epoque has climbing roses for the sun or the shade. Climbing roses also bloom longer than most climbing plants and we have many continuously flowering climbing roses in stock. Plant the climbing rose in nutritious soil in a sunny spot. You can buy climbing roses at Belle Epoque!