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Rose nursery Belle Epoque brings back roses from old masters

Belle Epoque presented a collection of rare and forgotten varieties of garden roses at an event in Museum van Loon in Amsterdam. Old varieties of climbing and shrub roses with a history and story that are grown in very small numbers. The roses can easily be planted at home. Workshops are also given. The constantly changing range can be viewed here .

Belle Epoque conducted extensive research into the roses that can be seen in still lifes and studied art from European museums and hortus botanica for years. The result is a collection of roses that is continuously supplemented with special varieties of shrub and climbing roses. From wild roses from the time of the Greeks that were grown for medicinal and cosmetic purposes to the roses that can be seen in 17th century still lifes and the most exuberant varieties that emerged during la belle époque - the period in which rose growing was at its peak.

The roses can be ordered via the Belle Epoque webshop. In pots and in autumn and winter as traditional rhizomes. Planting and caring for the roses is easy, precisely because they are proven strong and healthy varieties. This way everyone can experience the beauty at home or give it as a gift.

The collection consists of wild, centifolia (hundred-petal rose), damascena, alba and rare old roses and will be continuously expanded. They are roses that can be seen in still lifes by old masters such as Rachel Ruysch. Examples include the apothecary rose that has been cultivated in France since the 13th century, roses that adorned the gardens of Joséphine de Beauharnais and the French court such as Rosa Félicité et Perpétue or the Rosa Centifolia Muscosa that serves as the basis for the world-famous perfume Chanel No 5.

For inspiration, workshops can be followed that are organized in collaboration with master binder Karin Looijestein.

Styling: Master of Flowers

Photography: Nancy van Schijndel and Roel Marius Brouwer

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