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Liatris (Lamp Cleaner)

Liatris (Lamp Cleaner)

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Liatris and Roses: A Perfect Combination

Liatris, also known as lampshade or beautiful reed, is a striking perennial that is gaining popularity in gardens. But did you know that Liatris is also an excellent partner for roses? Here are some reasons why Liatris and roses make a beautiful combination.

1. Vertical Accents: Liatris has long, straight flower spikes that add a beautiful vertical accent to your rose borders. This contrasts nicely with the round shapes of rose flowers and creates a dynamic look in your garden.

2. Bloom Time and Colors: Liatris blooms from late summer to early fall, which perfectly complements the bloom period of many roses. The purple, pink or white flowers of Liatris provide a beautiful color combination with the different shades of roses.

3. Support for Bees and Butterflies: The flowers of Liatris are a favorite nectar source for bees and butterflies. By planting Liatris next to your roses, you attract more pollinators to your garden, which benefits the health and flowering of your roses.

4. Low Maintenance: Liatris is an easy plant to care for. It thrives in both sunny and partially shaded areas and is tolerant of a variety of soil types. This makes it an ideal partner for roses, which sometimes require a little more attention.

5. Hardy and Durable: Liatris is winter hardy and comes back every year, ensuring a durable and long-lasting presence in your garden. The sturdy flower stems remain attractive even after flowering and add structure to your winter garden.

Planting Tips:

  • Plant Liatris in groups between or behind rose bushes for a beautiful layered look.
  • Make sure Liatris has enough room to grow without smothering the roses.
  • Provide extra water during dry periods to ensure optimal growth of both Liatris and roses.

With Liatris and roses you create a garden full of color and life that remains attractive all year round. It's a combination that is not only visually stunning, but also practical and environmentally beneficial. Try this combination and enjoy a harmonious and vibrant garden!

Flowering time

  • July
  • August


Liatris (Lamp Cleaner)

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