Een Bijzondere Ontmoeting met Alain Meilland: Dromen van een Rode Roos

A Special Meeting with Alain Meilland: Dreaming of a Red Rose

It's not every day that you get the chance to meet a legend, especially one from the world-famous Meilland family, known for their unparalleled contribution to the world of roses. My meeting with Alain Meilland was one of those moments that I cherish and that has left a lasting impression on me. Every time we see each other, we start our conversation with a cordial exchange: "How's it going with a Prince Jardinier in red?" This is our little inside joke, but behind this humor lies a shared dream.

How wonderful would it be to have an intensely scented red rose in our gardens and homes? A rose that not only stimulates the senses with its beauty and scent, but is also a symbol of passion and love. We laugh at the idea, but deep down we know it's a wish we both cherish. However, as we both recognize, developing a new rose variety is no easy task. It requires patience, dedication and a touch of genius - qualities that the Meilland family possesses in abundance.

Growing roses is an art form that the Meillands have practiced for generations, and each new creation is the result of years of careful selection, crossing and testing. The dream of a red rose with the scent and flower shape of 'Prince Jardinier' is ambitious. It may be years before this dream becomes a reality, but the possibility alone is exciting.

Fortunately, the future of the Meilland roses is in good hands. With Matthias Meilland, a representative of the next generation, at the helm, there is hope that our shared dream will one day become reality. The prospect of one day baptizing this special red rose together with Alain and Matthias is something I look forward to. It would be a culmination of our friendship, our shared passion for roses, and a testament to the continued innovation within the Meilland family.

Until then, we enjoy the beautiful creations that the Meillands have already brought. Every rose tells a story, a story of love, devotion and the eternal search for beauty. Meeting Alain Meilland reminds me that behind every rose lies not only a rich history, but also a future full of possibilities. And who knows? Maybe one day the red rose of our dreams will bloom, symbolizing our friendship and shared love for nature.

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