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Poterie de la Madeleine Vase Anduze 56/70

Poterie de la Madeleine Vase Anduze 56/70

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Our high-quality rose pots from Poterie de la Madeleine are perfect for growing your favorite roses. These pots are specially designed to provide the optimal growing conditions for roses, with plenty of room for root growth and good drainage.

All our products are handmade in the south of France in Anduze. The Anduze pot has been a household name for about 400 years, seen worldwide in both classical and modernist exteriors and interiors. The city of Anduze built its reputation as the pottery capital since the 17th century, inspired by Italian Medici-style vases and decorated with garlands of fruit and flowers.

Poterie de la Madeleine has revived this rich history and remains faithful to the artisanal tradition of the Anduze Vase. The craftsmanship and respect for authenticity have taken them to the top of the production of these iconic vases, while maintaining their original French identity. The pots are available in different sizes and finishes. Because they are made by hand, size, shape and color may differ slightly from the description and photos. In addition, the pots are not completely frost-resistant.

These beautiful Anduze pots from Poterie de la Madeleine form the perfect combination with our carefully selected roses. Together they create a stylish and lively presentation for your balcony, terrace or garden. Choose the perfect pot and rose to create a breathtaking focal point in your outdoor space. Be inspired by the timeless beauty of the Anduze pots from Poterie de la Madeleine and the lush blooms of our roses.

Only available at Aalsmeer location!!

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Poterie de la Madeleine Vase Anduze 56/70

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