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Collection: Tuscan Terracotta Pot by Denoci Maurizio

This classic model earthenware pot is handmade from heavy Tuscan clay and is guaranteed frost-free. The high model has a beautiful appearance due to its double edge, making it an elegant addition to any garden or terrace.

The Tuscan Vaso del Prete 'Terra' pot is a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship. Handmade in Tuscany, this pot radiates a timeless beauty that blends perfectly with the lush blooms of roses. The heavy Tuscan clay provides not only durability, but also a stable base for the growth of rose plants. Due to the frost-free property of the pot, your roses remain protected all year round, even in the coldest months.

The double edge of the high model gives an extra dimension to the pot, making your roses stand out even more. Place this pot in a prominent place in your garden or on your patio and enjoy the elegant combination of the Tuscan pot and the colorful beauty of your roses. This pot is ideal for creating a romantic and classic atmosphere in your outdoor space.

The handmade Denoci Maurizio Terracotta Tuscan pot is perfect for your roses. Made of heavy Tuscan clay, frost-free and with an elegant double edge. Add a touch of Tuscan charm to your garden or terrace and turn your outdoor space into a true work of art with the Tuscan Vaso del Prete 'Terra' pot.