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Coral Dawn

Coral Dawn

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Illuminate your garden with the enchanting beauty of the Coral Dawn climbing rose. Since its introduction in 1952, this rose has captivated gardeners around the world with its delicate pink blooms. The Coral Dawn is a vigorous climber, producing small clusters of large, fragrant flowers that bloom from summer to fall. Each flower is richly filled with large petals, spread in a beautiful coral pink color that will liven up any garden.

This climbing rose can reach impressive heights of up to 5 meters, and grows more than 2 meters each summer under optimal conditions. Space and good air circulation are crucial for the Coral Dawn as this helps to drive moisture from the leaves and prevent plant diseases such as black spot. It is important not to plant this rose too close to trees or shrubs to avoid competition for moisture and nutrients.

Like most roses, the Coral Dawn thrives in locations with six to eight hours of bright sunlight per day. An ideal planting location provides full morning sun with filtered shade in the afternoon, to protect the plant from the hot summer sun. Too much shade can reduce the number of blossoms, so careful placement is essential.

For just €12.95, Belle Epoque offers this beautiful climbing rose straight from the nursery, ensuring you the highest quality and vitality. Let the Coral Dawn transform your garden with its breathtaking flowers and wonderful scent. Order now and turn your garden into a colorful paradise from summer to autumn.

Flowering time

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • May
  • November


Coral Dawn

Flower shape

  • Stuffed


Strongly scented

Care Instructions

Caring for rose 'Coral Dawn' is not difficult, but the rose does require some time and attention on a regular basis. Roses need a lot of energy to grow well and sufficient water and nutrition helps with this. Also check regularly whether there are spent flower buds on the rose. To avoid wasting energy, it is best to remove these as quickly as possible. It is wise to fertilize the rose so that it can absorb good and healthy nutrition again. The advice is to do this twice a year; in March and the end of June.


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