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Organic Garden Soil Compost

Organic Garden Soil Compost

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Organic garden soil compost

Our organic garden soil compost is a high-quality soil based on different types of compost. The garden soil compost has a high addition of organic organic fertilizer and is therefore rich in nutrients and trace elements and stimulates soil life and water management. The ingredients we use in our garden soil are tree bark compost and manure compost. Two ingredients may not seem like much, but these high-quality compost types have had 2 years to achieve the quality we strive for in our products. Very suitable for:

  • For raising or filling your garden, border or container;
  • If you have an ornamental or vegetable garden on clay soil ;
  • For planting trees, hedges and perennials.

Why this organic garden soil compost?

Why is this garden soil different from other types of garden soil? You won't find garden soil like this anywhere else! We believe that if you want to fill or raise borders, planting beds, containers or planting holes, you should use high-quality soil. If you do this with a product (products based on garden peat, organic compost or second-hand potting soil) that is not an attractive addition to your garden, then in our opinion you are taking a step back. Garden soil purely based on peat actually adds nothing more than moisture-retaining capacity. A nutrient granule (often fertilizer) that is often included only works for a short time and adds nothing to the development of your soil. And that bottom is just like that the basis for your plants , and therefore very important!

Our organic garden soil compost is:

  • Can be used all year round
  • More than enough fertilized for a whole year. It is therefore not necessary to add extra nutrition, not even for the vegetable garden.
  • Can be stored for a long time without losing nutrients.

The garden soil is supplied in bags of 20 and 40 liters and can also be ordered in big bags. (optional on request via

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Organic Garden Soil Compost

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