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Collection: Shrub roses

Pruning, planting and caring for shrub roses

Shrub roses can be planted all year round. It is advisable not to do this during frost. For example, if you plant the roses in November, the bush rose can still root well and become established in the ground. The roses will then bloom beautifully in the spring. Pruning a shrub rose can be done every spring. The rose can be pruned back to 10 to 15 centimeters above the ground. Do you want to be sure that the rose gets enough energy; then add some rose fertilizer. After flowering, remove spent flowers. 

Information about shrub roses

If you are looking for shrubs that bloom all summer long, Belle Epoque has a very wide range of ever-flowering shrub roses. Most shrub roses bloom from May to September and sometimes even into October. We also have the most beautiful English roses, climbing roses and rambler roses directly from the grower.

How do you choose a shrub rose?

Color, shape and scent are important when choosing a rose. Our preference is for classic large-flowered roses that have a wonderful scent and bloom all season long. We have chosen strong varieties for our range that also do well in an urban environment. We also have a wide selection of David Austin or English roses. All our shrub roses are delivered directly from therose nursery. Most roses are ground cover roses. Old roses 

What different types of shrub roses are there?

There are numerous varieties of shrub roses. The speed at which a shrub rose grows varies enormously. Shrub roses are large-flowered roses with one flower per stem. Shrub roses often have a wonderful scent and are therefore perfect for use as cut flowers. They bloom from June/July until autumn when the first frost occurs. In addition to the well-known English shrub roses, there are also French ones. These French shrub roses are often beautiful historic roses but are usually susceptible to disease. Shrub roses are suitable for many places in the garden. They can be used to fill a border but also have a ground cover function. Use the filters on the left to choose the roses. For example, you can filter on large flowers, double flowers, old rose bushes, spray roses and choose between the different colors. 

Buy shrub rose and enjoy it all summer long

For more than forty years, Belle Epoque has specialized in the most beautiful shrub roses. Nostalgia, Graham Thomas, and Winchester Cathedral are some classic examples. Nowadays you can easily buy shrub roses online from a rose specialist such as Belle-Epoque. It is best to plant shrub roses in early spring and/or in the autumn when temperatures drop. Roses provide a wonderful scent and the flowering period is often very long.