De pure schoonheid van wilde rozen - Belle Epoque rozen

The pure beauty of wild roses

The pure beauty of wild roses

Extremely strong and low-maintenance.

Rosa Dagmar Hastrup


Botanical or botanical roses are wild roses and roses with a botanical character. In contrast to modern roses, they are plants that have not been crossed and that also occur in the wild. Wild roses originally come from Northern Europe. A well-known wild rose is rosa pimpinellifolia, better known as the dune rose.

Pure beauty

Depending on the circumstances, wild roses grow into large shrubs. Most botanical roses produce lovely, single flowers with five petals. They usually bloom once but profusely and for a long time in spring or summer. And they usually remain beautiful after a heavy shower. There are people who keep wild roses exclusively for the beautiful hips, for the image or to make delicious jam. Rosa Dagmar Hastrup


Wild roses are extremely strong. They do it on almost any type of soil and require little. They thrive in difficult, windy places where other plants struggle and are extremely hardy. A not unimportant advantage is that they only need to be pruned once every five to eight years. This can be done with the brush cutter. But it is mainly the natural look that we fall for.

Hint! Rozenhaag

With a rose hedge you create a natural barrier that keeps unwanted visitors, including dogs and cats, at bay. Wild roses are ideal for a hedge.

Buy wild roses

You can buy wild roses at the rose nursery. View our range here. Rote Hannover Rote Hannover €14.95 Rosa Repens Alba Repens Alba €13.95 Rosa Dagmar Hastrup Dagmar Hastrup €11.95 Damascena Trigintipetala €14.95 rosa omeiensis pteracantha Rosa omeiensis Pteracantha €14.95 Blanc Double de Coubert From €13.95
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