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Pink Cloud

Pink Cloud

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Climbing rose Pink cloud from the grower

Pink cloud is a lush climbing plant with fragrant flowers. Which bloom beautifully in bunches. The climbing rose pink cloud has large-flowered bright pink roses. The climbing rose pink is a strong climbing rose. These climbing roses will easily continue to bloom until October. And that makes the climbing rose pink cloud a popular climbing rose.

Climbing rose pink cloud plants

Climbing roses are great garden plants for growing a pergola. The pink cloud climbing rose also blooms beautifully on an old shed, wall or fence. The climbing rose does not require much space, it can be planted on a small plot of land. In addition to planting in the open ground, climbing roses can also be planted in a pot. Guiding the climbing roses is important, because this does not happen automatically by the plant.

The location of the climbing rose pink cloud is in the sun, partial shade. With the right care, possibly also fertilization in the spring, the climbing rose can reach a plant height of 200 to 250 cm.

Climbing rose pink cloud maintenance

These climbing roses have a continuous flowering character with fragrant flowers, provided the climbing roses receive proper maintenance. Wait with pruning until 2 main branches have emerged on the climbing rose. You often prune side branches and other branches in the spring, around March. When the frost period is over.

The climbing rose pink cloud is a rose with beautiful pink bunches of roses and the fragrant flowers ensure that planting this climbing rose is an asset to the garden. To cover a pergola, in a pot or an old shed. Something for everyone.

Climbing rose pink cloud conservation

A climbing rose is a strong climbing rose from a wide range of climbing roses. If you remove the old branches every year, regularly remove the bunches of dried out flowers. Climbing roses can last for years. They grow best in the sun or partial shade and with a well-nutrientd soil the climbing rose will continue to bloom well.

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Pink Cloud


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