Een bloeiend voorjaar begint in de herfst - Belle Epoque rozen

A blooming spring begins in autumn

In autumn, nature goes to rest. The result is a beautiful spectacle of warm light and discoloration. Spiders are hard at work in their web, plants lose their leaves and roses treat us as an encore with beautiful hips and sometimes subsequent blooms.

Work on roses in the autumn

In the fall we prepare roses for winter and give them a boost for a blooming spring. A wonderful job for a beautiful autumn day.

What do you need?

A good pair of pruning shears (preferably disinfected with alcohol), rake, spade and gloves are your friends.


The purpose of autumn pruning is to protect roses against winter. It is a simple pruning and not much work. Simply cut the shrub to knee height. You don't have to pay attention to eyes. This makes the shrub sturdier and therefore less sensitive to frost and wind. Does the thought of cutting back blooms make your heart ache? Then place the flowers in a vase indoors to enjoy them for a short time.

Cleaning the borders

Clean borders are important. Remove fallen leaves and break up the soil thoroughly with a rake. An open structure allows nutrients to enter better.

Move up

Roses are sensitive to frost. Therefore, cover the bottom 15 centimeters with a generous layer of soil. It is super important that the inoculation point is well protected against frost. You can recognize this point by the side branches that grow from the root. Only remove this extra protection again in March or April during spring pruning.

Planting bare root roses

Autumn is the best time to plant roses. The earth is still warm so that the root can still attach itself for the winter. This gives the rose a head start for the next season.

Rose nurseries

Autumn is a busy period for a rose grower. Roses are harvested as bare roots, rinsed, assessed for quality, labeled and taken to the refrigerator where the rose is well protected. From then on, a rose nursery sells bare root roses. So you buy fresh plants from the new harvest. An additional advantage is that the choice is greatest at this time of year. Are you looking for a special or rare type of rose? Then the chance that you can get this is greatest at the beginning of November. Belle Epoque offers you the opportunity to reserve your favorite rose in advance.

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