De woeste schoonheid van ramblers - Belle Epoque rozen

The fierce beauty of ramblers

Wild growing rambler roses, we love them. After all, there is no other plant that can match the wild flowers and explosion of intense colors and scents of a rambler. Ramblers are strong, fast-growing climbing roses that are resistant to our changing climate. A great solution for a bare wall or pergola.

Hint! Remember that you plant the rose at a sufficient distance from the wall and that it is not dry under the gutter.

Rosa Albéric Barbier: the climbing rose for a shady spot

Ramblers are strong and can survive with less sun. Are you looking for a beautiful full climbing rose that does well in the north? Then take a look at Rosa Albéric Barbier.

Intense color: Rosa Bleu Magenta

Rosa Bleu Magenta seems rather unknown. Completely unjustified in our opinion, because the deep, intense violet color of this powerful climber is unique and beautifully warm. A real belle époque rose.

Ultimate tree climber: Rosa Bobby James​

It is a beautiful, vital sight: a rambler rose growing wildly in a tree. We think Rosa Boby James is one of the most impressive tree climbers.

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