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Share your love for climbing roses.

We love climbing roses. From wonderfully scented, continuous flowering climbing roses with large flowers in the most beautiful classic colors that add character to the facade of a home. But also wild ramblers that grow wildly against a pergola or in a tree. A climbing rose is a beautiful gift to yourself, a friend or family. We have listed some nice ideas for you. Because planting while you still can means that you can enjoy such a beautiful climber this summer.

Pavement tile out, climbing rose in.

More and more cities are pursuing a policy in which they encourage citizens to plant greenery between the asphalt. For a nicer living environment and for better drainage of rainwater in the city. And what gives a better picture than the beauty of a climbing rose against a city facade? Climbing roses are one of the few types of climbing plants that bloom all season long. And you get that wonderful scent that you smell when you come home or leave the house as a gift. Choose a rose that matches the color of your facade, dig a hole that is sufficiently deep, fill it with good soil and guide the rose upwards with a wire. View our collection of classic climbing roses that are suitable for an urban environment here. View our climbing roses


Combine famous duos of climbing roses.

Do you like the elegance of a large-flowered, continuously flowering classic climbing rose, but also the power of a fast-growing rambler rose? Then we have a good idea for you. Combine both types of roses. Let them grow together and you will get a beautiful image. Choose two roses of the same color and you will get a beautiful tone-on-tone effect. An additional advantage: you can enjoy flowering more often. An enrichment of any facade, fence or pergola. View our famous duos in all colors here. View our famous duos Rosa Kiftsgate

Turn a tree into a sea of ​​flowers with a fierce rambler rose.

You don't see it that often in the Netherlands: a rose growing and blooming in a tree. Too bad, because it gives an overwhelming feeling to see such an explosion of flowers in a tree. Ramblers often bloom before the tree itself gets leaves, so you can enjoy spring even more. Choose a free-standing tree, plant the rose on the southeast side of the tree for morning sun and guide it to the trunk. The rose will grow towards the light and therefore towards the crown of the tree. Suitable ramblers for a tree are Albéric Barbier, Banksiae Lutae, François Juranville and Madame Alfred Carrière.

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