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Be enchanted by the 'Plaisanterie' rose, a masterpiece for every passionate rose lover. This beautiful creation, bred by none other than Francis Meilland in 1962, is a true asset to any garden.

Type: 'Plaisanterie' is an elegant shrub rose, ideal for garden beds and borders.

Color: The flowers of this rose shine in a striking shade of deep pink with a hint of soft purple. They are breathtaking and add a touch of romance to your outdoor space.

Shape of the Flowers: The flowers of 'Plaisanterie' have a classic, rose-like shape with lush, densely filled petals. A true work of art by nature!

Height: This shrub rose reaches a height of approximately 90-120 centimeters, making it easy to integrate into various garden styles.

Scent: What makes 'Plaisanterie' extra special is its enchanting scent. The flowers spread a seductive, fruity scent that will fill your garden with a wonderful perfume.

Continuous blooming: 'Plaisanterie' is a perpetual blooming rose, meaning you can enjoy its lush blooms again and again throughout the growing season.

Add the 'Plaisanterie' rose to your collection and create a fairytale garden full of charm and elegance. Let this beautiful variety from Francis Meilland from 1962 become the star of your garden. Discover the timeless beauty of the 'Plaisanterie' rose!

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