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Wild Edric

Wild Edric

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Wild Edric is a tough, reliable and healthy rose that can be used to create a very beautiful, fragrant border hedge. The flowers start as beautifully pointed, purple-pink flower buds. They gradually open to form a large, semi-double flower of deep velvety pink with shades of purple and mauve, revealing a bunch of golden yellow stamens that contrast with the color of the petals. The overall scent is strong and delicious, but interestingly, with a little research, a distinct difference between the scent of the petals and the stamens can be detected. The latter is pure clove, while the former is classic Old Rose with hints of watercress and cucumber. Wild Edric was a Saxon lord in Shropshire who was said to have married a fairy queen. He reproached her one day and she disappeared. According to legend, his ghost can still be seen searching for her in the hills. 4 ft. x 4 ft. (1.2m x 1.2m). A Wild Edric hedge will quickly become completely impenetrable, with its many thorny stems displaying beautiful, textured foliage. Plant 2 - 3 feet apart.


Wild Edric


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