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Belle Epoque rose potting soil (40 liters)

Belle Epoque rose potting soil (40 liters)

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Planting shrub roses in the garden:

This bag contains enough rose soil for 5 rose bushes. Dig a large planting hole the size of a 10 liter bucket. Roses are sometimes delivered without a root ball and in this case they should be placed with their roots in a bucket of water for some time (2 hours) in advance to allow them to fully absorb water. Place the rose with its roots in the planting hole and fill the planting hole with the rose soil. By shaking the shrub slightly while supplementing with the rose soil, all roots come into good contact with the soil particles. Water generously, but avoid allowing water to remain in the planting hole. Fill the rest of the planting hole – if necessary – with the excavated soil. Continue watering regularly the first year after planting. The roots must be given the opportunity to establish themselves in the subsoil and connect to the groundwater.

Part of the roots, the “food roots”, settles in the top layer and will be used by the plant to absorb nutrients that are mineralized (released) in the top layer. Be careful not to damage the feeding roots by hoeing and/or raking between the shrubs.

Patio and pot roses
These plants are usually supplied in pots. Moisten the root ball thoroughly and knock the plant out of the pot. If you want to repot them in a larger pot or planter, make sure that the new pot is clean. If the pot is unglazed, first let it soak thoroughly in water.
If necessary, place a few potsherds in the bottom hole. It is recommended to place some Hydro granules as a drainage layer at the bottom of the pot. Fill the new pot or planter with the rose soil and plant the rose bushes without damaging the roots. Water generously but make sure no water remains in the pot. Roses in pots or containers should be watered regularly during the growing and flowering season. If you want to plant a pot or patio rose in the garden, follow the instructions for shrub roses in the garden.


Belle Epoque rose potting soil (40 liters)


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