This is how you find the perfect rose

How to find the perfect rose

Choosing a rose is mainly a matter of taste and selecting the right variety. By asking yourself the following questions and using the filters on our website, you will always find a solution.

Choosing a climbing rose

You plant a climbing rose against the facade of your home, partition or pergola. You can even grow a climbing rose in a tree. A climbing rose is also called an espalier rose.

Choose a color

Climbing roses are available in the most intense colors, such as pink, white, salmon, apricot, red, purple or lavender. When choosing the color of a rose, you not only base your own taste on it, but also pay attention to the background and surroundings. For example, light colors often look beautiful against a white facade, while a red rose can look beautiful on brick.

The amount of sun

Roses need sun, preferably more than four hours a day. If you have a north-facing or shady spot in mind, check out our list of climbing roses that are suitable for less sunny places.


Have you chosen a nice color? Then continue selecting features that you find important. Consider the size of the flowers and whether the rose blooms once a year or is continuous blooming. Climbing roses that bloom once a year, such as rambler roses, usually have smaller flowers and bloom very intensely for weeks. They also grow faster than continuous-flowering, large-flowered climbing roses.

How many climbing roses do I need?

The number of climbing roses you need depends on the desired density and your patience. The speed at which a rose grows depends on the species, location and care. To cover a fence or wall, we recommend planting climbing roses 50 centimeters apart.

Tip: In the section on plants and care we explain step-by-step how to plant, tie, feed and prune a climbing rose.

Life hack: XL climbing roses

Are you impatient and want to see results quickly? We understand that like no other. Then view our list of XL climbing roses. These are climbing roses that we have grown for you to 175-200 centimeters. This gives you instant volume. Because this is a lot of work, XL climbing roses are a bit more expensive, but you actually save two years of waiting time.

Rose bushes for a pot or bed

The name says it all: a shrub rose grows in the shape of a bush. Shrub roses are also called bedding roses, but you can also plant them in a large pot. This way you can easily choose the perfect shrub rose.

The number of hours of sunshine

Honestly, roses just need sun. Although there are roses that can grow with less sun, they will always grow less quickly. We therefore recommend not planting shrub roses in places that receive less than four hours of sun per day.

Choose a color

Shrub roses come in the most wonderful colors and shapes. A rose rarely stands alone. Therefore, when choosing a rose, think about the overall color of the environment in which you plant it. First choose the color and then select which roses you like.


One of the most important characteristics to look for when choosing a shrub rose is its height. Some shrub roses grow into large bushes of more than one meter. Therefore, always first look at the height and then at your preference for the flower.

Tip: always plant tall shrub roses at the back of a bed.

How many shrub roses do I need?

Shrub roses grow quickly. If you plant a shrub rose, you can enjoy it that same season. For a beautifully filled image, plant four roses per square meter.