Zo maak je een romantische rozenhaag - Belle Epoque rozen

This is how you make a romantic rose hedge

How to make a romantic rose hedge

Which also provides privacy and protection

Hedges play an important role in the beauty of a garden. You can use a hedge to create depth or separate spaces. This is how classical garden architecture worked with the construction of rooms. But a hedge can also provide safety and practical protection. A rose hedge can subtly help to clarify the property boundary or to keep dogs and cats out. A pink hedge, as the English call a rose hedge, also has the advantage that it is wonderfully scented. In this article we explain how to make a beautiful rose hedge yourself.


Which types of roses are suitable for a rose hedge?

In earlier times, hedges of prickly, dense Gallica and Alba roses were used to keep out unwanted visitors. In military circles, the rose hedge was even the predecessor of barbed wire. Nowadays we also use modern shrub roses. Our preference is for strong varieties that have a nice density and height. Pay particular attention to the appearance you are aiming for. Wild roses provide a wild and natural image, while modern roses create a romantic richness of flowers. We personally think a rose hedge of one color is the most beautiful, but that is of course personal.

This is how you plant a rose hedge

As a rule of thumb, the closer the roses are planted, the more beautiful the hedge. For a nice full density, it is recommended to plant 5 roses per meter. For an extra wide hedge, plant two rows in a zigzag pattern. Make sure that the roses get enough sun and enrich the soil if necessary. And plant the roses sufficiently deep below the inoculation point so that no wild shoots grow that you cannot reach later. This way you will get a beautiful full rose hedge within two to three years.


Hint! With these roses you can make a beautiful rose hedge.

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