Rozen planten in de herfst

Planting roses in the fall

Planting roses in the fall

Autumn is traditionally the season for planting roses. Fresh from the field, the rose nursery has the largest supply and planting before the first frost gives the best results.

Bare root roses 

A rose is what you call a biennial crop. After the second year we harvest the roses from the field. The roses are pruned to height, lifted, rinsed with water and stored moist in the refrigerator. Because the rose does not have a root ball, we call it bare or bare root roses. Plant our beautiful garden roses or the grow and bloom rose now and enjoy these blooming toppers for years to come!


Planting roses in the fall has the advantage that the soil is still warm, allowing the roots to take root for the winter. This causes the rose to emerge earlier in the spring and is better protected against frost. The range of special and rare types of roses is also greatest during this period and bare root roses are cheaper than potted roses.

Buy bare root roses

You can buy bare root roses - depending on the temperature - from November to March. We pack the roses moist in a sealed bag surrounded by a box. You can store the roses in a cool place for a few weeks, but you can also plant them straight into the ground. On this page we explain how to plant a bare root rose. View our range here.


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