‘s Werelds allermooiste rozen - plant nu en geniet deze zomer! - Belle Epoque rozen

The world's most beautiful roses - plant now and enjoy this summer!

The world's most beautiful roses

We made an overview of 10 special roses that have been loved all over the world for decades.

Rosa Peace
Rosa Peace is a special and world famous rose. Popular for its large flowers and color. The inside of the rose is yellow with a carmine red edge. The heyday of this... Graham Thomas
Graham Thomas
Rosa 'Graham Thomas' has glittering, egg-yellow flowers with a beautiful but old-fashioned shape. The flowers are slightly convex and semi-double. Can be planted as a shrub rose in a bed or as a climbing rose.... Zéphirine Drouhin
Zéphirine Drouhin
Bizot, 1868. Rosa Zéphirine Drouhin is a well-known, thornless Bourbon climbing rose. One of the oldest varieties in our range. Rose  Zéphirine Drouhin has deep pink, semi-double, cup-shaped flowers. The rose has... Rosa 'Winchester Cathedral'
Winchester Cathedral
Rosa 'Winchester Cathedral' is one of the most beautiful English rose bushes. Beautiful pure white in color with large flowers and a strong scent, a classic from David Austin. Rosa Winchester Cathedral blooms...
Rosa 'Schneewalzer' (Tantau, 1983) is a beautiful flowering climbing rose with large cream-colored flowers, a chic appearance. Climbing rose Schneewalzer is a real climber and can reach a height of two to three... Rosa Polka
Meilland et Cie, 1991. Beautiful flowers with a warm apricot yellow color. That is the best description of this special rose that can be used as a shrub or climbing rose. The... Rosa Joseph's Coat
Joseph's Coat
Rosa 'Joseph's Coat' is a kaleidoscope of colours. It is an eye-catching climbing rose that produces bunches of large, double flowers. The leaves of change from yellow to scarlet…
Rosa 'Albertine' (Barbier,1921) is a famous rambler rose. Unlike most ramblers, this strong climber has large flowers. Rosa Albertine produces masses of red flower buds from which abundant clusters of large... Rosa Princess Alexandra of Kent
Princess Alexandra of Kent

Rosa 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' (Austin, 2007) is a real English rose with large double flowers that smell wonderfully like lemon tea. Strong grower and therefore easy to use at the back...

Endlessly combine with lavender

Lavender is a beautiful addition to any garden. This purple-colored long-flowering plant looks great in any border or in a large pot on the patio. Lavender and roses are also a beautiful combination. The purple of lavender looks great with a light pink rose. We have selected some low-growing lavender varieties that combine beautifully.

Lavender Hidcote

A lavender with an intense color and beautiful gray leaves. And with a height of approximately 40 centimeters, it is great to combine with roses. Blooms from May to September.

Lavender Dwarf Blue

A lavender variety that is popular for its compact growth. Grows 20-50 centimeters high and can therefore be beautifully combined with roses. Prune spent leaves after flowering and let them dry indoors for the wonderful scent. Blooms in the months of June and July.

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