Een ode aan de herfst. - Belle Epoque rozen

An ode to autumn.

Warm light, long shadows, a soft blanket of dew over the fields, falling leaves, spider webs and a rich display of colors. It's autumn. Nature comes to rest and gives us a beautiful melancholic image. This year we are treated to an unprecedentedly beautiful after-flowering. Dead roses are alternated with colorful rose hips and repeat bloomers. As photogenic as nature is, we took these photos of it. While the soil is still lukewarm, this is also the perfect time to put on your boots and plant roses. The new harvest has been harvested and planting roses before frost arrives is the well-known advice. And that is not only good for the garden, research shows that working in nature reduces stress. This year we have put together duos of famous climbing roses that perform extra beautifully together. A combination of a large and small flowered rose in a tonal color scheme. Maybe a decorative idea for your wall, fence or facade. Of course we also have beautiful classics such as the Rosa Ferdinand Pichard. See our website for the entire range. Enjoy autumn!

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Duo of classic red climbers
Duo of classic pink climbers
Duo of classic white climbers
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