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SEE YOU in Rose

SEE YOU in Rose

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The 'SEE YOU Rose', carefully cultivated by Belle Epoque, is a beautiful manifestation of garden perfection. Known for its unparalleled beauty and vitality, this rose is a real eye-catcher in any garden setting.

The 'SEE YOU Rose' is distinguished by its continuous flowering from early spring to late autumn, filling your garden with color and life season after season. The flowers, characterized by their rich color and elegant shape, appear in profuse clusters and create a visual spectacle that is both striking and graceful.

With a robust and compact growth habit, this rose reaches an ideal height for various garden settings, from borders and flower beds to solitary showpieces. Her strong growth and excellent health make her a low-maintenance choice, suitable for both experienced gardeners and beginners looking for reliable beauty.

'SEE YOU Rose' is not only a pleasure for the eyes, but also for the senses. The subtle scent of the flowers enriches the garden experience, making this rose a must-have for every rose lover.

Plant this rose in the sun or partial shade to promote the best flowering and color intensity. Its ability to bloom continuously and its visual appeal make 'SEE YOU Rose' a valuable addition to any garden.

Delivered directly from our Belle Epoque rose nursery, 'SEE YOU Rose' guarantees top quality and vitality. Let this enchanting rose transform your garden with its continuous bloom and elegant beauty.

At Belle Epoque we understand the value of unique, high-quality roses in your garden. 'SEE YOU Rose' is a perfect example of our passion for roses and our commitment to excellence. Add a bit of enchantment to your garden with this breathtaking rose.

Flowering time

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October


SEE YOU in Rose

Flower shape

  • Single
  • Half-filled
  • Open


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