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Molineux (L)

Molineux (L)

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Rose Molineux - A tribute to Wolverhampton Wanderers' Stadium

The Rose Molineux is a beautiful English rose, named after the famous Wolverhampton Wanderers' stadium in the United Kingdom. This rose is known for its bright yellow flowers and rich, sweet scent. Perfect for garden lovers who want to enrich their garden with a radiant and fragrant addition.

Characteristics of the Rose Molineux:

  • Flower color : Radiant yellow
  • Inflorescence : Full, double flowers that bloom continuously throughout the season
  • Odour : Strong, sweet odor
  • Growth : Compact shrub reaching a height of about 1 meter
  • Diseases : Excellent resistance to common rose diseases

Care tips:

  • Location : Plant the Rose Molineux in well-drained soil in a sunny spot for optimal flowering.
  • Water : Water regularly, especially in dry periods. Provide sufficient moisture, but prevent the roots from standing in water.
  • Pruning : Prune the rose in early spring to maintain its shape and encourage new growth. Also remove spent flowers to promote continued flowering.

At Belle Epoque Roses you buy directly from the nursery, which means that you always receive fresh and healthy plants. With more than 800 varieties of roses, including the beautiful Rose Molineux, we offer a unique range for every garden lover.

Why choose Belle Epoque Roses?

  • Largest range : More than 800 varieties of roses
  • Directly from the nursery : Freshness and quality guaranteed
  • Expert service : Personal advice for the best care of your roses

Add a touch of color and history to your garden with the Rose Molineux. Order today from Belle Epoque and enjoy the beauty and scent of this special rose.

Flowering time

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • May
  • April


Molineux (L)

Flower shape

  • Stuffed


Strongly scented

Care Instructions


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